Anabolic Androgenic Steroids And Who Uses Them

There have been many controversies regarding the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids by athletes and sportspersons who use this synthetic version of testosterone to boost theirs on-field performances. However, most of them face dangers of being barred from the competitive sport if traces of this steroid are detected in their urine samples. However, it is a different situation altogether for individuals using this synthetic drug to burn down the excess fat of their body and develop a muscular frame, especially after the production of natural testosterone, a hormone that increases the metabolism of their body, falls below a certain level. Bodybuilders are well aware of the fact that maintaining a positive anabolic level is necessary for muscle mass growth. Apart from this, there is a myth that the users of this synthetic version of testosterone get addicted to it and remain dependant on it even after they have achieved their goal. This is a wrong notion.

Dangerous for health

Another myth is that androgenic steroids are dangerous and can lead to many dangerous side effects including malfunctioning of the liver of the user and can even cause cancer. Had this been the case, famous bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger would not have used it. It might not be possible for every person to get such dramatic results with androgenic steroids because this drug helps facilitate the meltdown of fat and development of muscles only if the user follows a strict diet regime and exercises for several hours a day. Unfortunately, most people do not heed the warnings on the pamphlet accompanying this drug and continue eating processed food, which leads to the formation of fat in their body, thereby, disturbing the efficiency of the steroid. Another mistake that most people make is using cheap anabolic androgenic steroids, manufactured by dubious companies. There is a huge question about the composition of such products and if they are safe for consumption. Instead of looking for the cheapest brand available, one should always go for brands that have stood the test of time. Such brands might be costlier compared to the others but they are legal, and one can also purchase them from reputable online stores without a prescription.

Faster results with stacking

You can easily your muscle boosting and fat reduction process by using a combination of different types of steroids. In such a scenario, the user starts with a combination of two steroids at the start of the cycle. For example, he will take one variant every day and another one once a week. This cycle lasts for about eight weeks. From this period onwards, he starts taking the third steroid daily along with the previous ones for four more weeks after which he stops taking them. This is known as the `off period.’


Although it is prohibited to purchase androgenic steroids in the USA without a prescription, Thanks to the internet, one can purchase them from online stores without any prescription. Resultantly many people purchase them and use them to burn down their body fat and gain rippling muscles quickly and without any side effects, as long as they buy renowned brands from trustworthy online stores.