Momentary Victories For Athletes Who Used Steroids

Steroids have always been synonymous to super athletes and their journey to the top and ultimately, their crash to the halls of “winners that would have been,” had they not used steroids. Performance enhancing drugs are prohibited in the sports world since they give the user an unfair advantage over his fellow competitors. Reports of athletes who used steroids never fail to get the attention of the public and raise the interest and curiosity of other sports personalities.

Nevertheless, despite the negative aftermath of steroid use like suspensions, titles being stripped and expulsion from playing, the use of these compounds are still rampant among players. Users ride on the slim chance that they will pass the tests and clear them of using steroids. Unfortunately for them, urine tests and other laboratory examinations make steroid detection very accurate and straightforward.

In school, when one gets the highest score in a test for a certain subject, he is hailed and awarded. Later on, when the professor discovers that he cheated, that outstanding pupil is slapped with disciplinary actions and branded as a cheater. So is it also with athletes who take steroids. Their medals are sequestered, contracts revoked and they are prohibited from playing the sport for a prescribed period.

He was the king of the Tour de France for five years straight. Lance Armstrong was a hero in the cycling arena having won the said event for a total of seven times. He might have survived his battle with cancer, but he was stricken down from fame when it was proven that he had been using steroids all throughout his cycling years.

Baseball fans were amazed by Alex Rodriguez. The New York Yankees could not have been more proud of having him on the team. Declared as being one of the best baseball players ever, in 2013, it all went sour for Alex Rodriguez when tests showed that he had been taking performance-enhancing drugs. He was penalized by not being able to play for two hundred games.

Like lightning, Ben Johnson ran to the finish line during the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 earning him a couple of bronze medals in the 100-meter relay. He did it again in the Seoul Olympics in 1988 where he got the gold. His glory days and medals were gone too soon in just days after winning when examinations showed that he had steroids in his system.

Sports of all types are a competition of human strength, natural speed, and developed skills without the help of synthetic substances. It is a level playing field for all athletes that must not be tainted with the victories of players who are artificially empowered by performance enhancing drugs. For those athletes who used steroids, although they might have won and captured the highest title, it was only for a moment.