Why Does The Cost Of Steroids Vary

Are you worried about the fitness level of your body? You might have been visiting the gym and pumping iron for a long time without any significant results, but have you ever tried to understand the root cause? Your body produces testosterone, a hormone that burns down fat and helps you achieve rippling muscles quickly and effortlessly. However, the production of this natural hormone slows down as you age. Does this mean that you have no options left and are doomed to remain with a flabby body forever? You need not worry since you can seek help from steroids, which are synthetic variants of testosterone. You might be thinking how much are steroids going to cost you. Search online, you will find many stores that offer different brands of this synthetic drug. The problem begins when you compare its prices on different online stores. You will notice that the cost of steroids mentioned on them vary significantly. However, the principle is the same with all products. Products manufactured by a reputable company are going to cost you much more than the same products imported from a third world country. Apart from this, several other factors determine steroids price.

Supply and demand

As with any other products available online, difference between supply and demand also affects steroids price to a great extent. On the one hand, when there is an excessive demand for this synthetic hormone and supplies are scarce its prices shoot up. On the other hand, the cost of steroids drops significantly when the supply is more than demand. Although the price factor depends on the brand name too, you might have observed that different stores offer the same brand at varying prices. This is due to massive competition amongst online shops. The owner of each store wants to sell of his stock of steroids as quickly as possible and the best way to do so is by luring customers by offering them the product at deflated prices. As mentioned above, the country of manufacture affects steroids price considerably. However, you should avoid purchasing them, because of their sub standard quality. In fact, they might even affect your health adversely.

Popularity of the product

While the net is chock full of various brands of anabolic steroids, some of them that have stood the test of time and are well known for their effectiveness, cost significant more. Prime examples are Dianabol and Testosterone-Enanthate, which are, unarguably, the top two steroids of all time. Although both of them do not cost much, their prices inflate when their demand overcomes their supply. It is the same with Anavar, yet another well known brand of anabolic steroid. If you plan to use steroids for the first time, and cannot afford the prices of the brands mentioned above, particularly when their prices spike, you can start off with a lower priced variant. Ensure that you purchase your requirements from reputable stores so that you do not end up buying fake steroids. Also, make sure that you only purchase `human grade’ steroids, even if they cost more than the `underground’ brands since the latter are worthless.