How To Administer Steroids

Muscle building is synonymous with the use of steroids in most cases. Before administration of steroids, it is essential to understand your body in order to determine the dosage as well as the length of the cycles. Blindly engaging in steroid use can cost you dearly in the long run. It is therefore advisable to consult an expert before onset. While most people take time to understand the cycles and bodily requirements only a fraction research in depth on the administration of these steroids. Here is a guide on how to use steroids.

Oral Tablets

Steroids can be purchased in form of oral tablets. These are easy to use and avoid the pain of injections. The tablets can be taken in buses, at work, while on a plane, virtually anywhere making them ideal for people who are always on the move. However, these tablets especially when used for longer periods may have adverse effects on the liver that cleanses anything that goes into the digestive system before it is released into the blood stream. This means that only a small portion of the required dosage is released to the muscles. This may cause delays in realizing the advantages associated with the steroids.


Steroids may also be injected into the body. Unlike drugs and other substances, the steroids are not injected into the blood stream but directly into the muscle. This prevents damage to blood vessels. Steroids that can be injected into the body are usually grouped in two categories; water and oil based steroids. The difference is the rate with which they are broken down in the body. Water based steroids are broken down faster and therefore you are required to administer them several times within a week. Oil based on the other hand should be administered fewer times since they are metabolized much slowly. Steroid injections reduce the strain on the liver as they do not pass through the digestive track. However, large doses or prolonged use may have adverse effects on the kidneys.

The administration of an injection requires more private facilities and cannot be administered easily in public places. However, since they are injected to directly into the muscle, results may be realized faster compared to when using tablets. Remember sharing needles is not recommended as it may result to transmission of viruses and diseases.

In both cases, how to use steroids should be guided by your recommended dosage and administered in a safe way. Understanding how your body reacts to the steroids may also determine the best administration method. If you are a beginner, ensure you carry out your due diligence and practice safe administration. Remember that steroids are controlled substances in most countries and therefore stay out of trouble.