Information On Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are drugs used to help people with medical problems and who want to enhance their performance as athletes. For medical usage, it has been used for bone marrow stimulation, growth stimulation, to help with appetite, to help with puberty, to help with testosterone, to help with bone loss prevention, for hormone replacement, and to increase maximum inspiratory pressure. Health care professionals can prescribe the drugs to treat those with hormonal problems and other issues. For enhancing performance, it has been used for bodybuilders to gain muscle. Not only has it been used for bodybuilding but it has been utilized for some other sports such as track and field, weightlifting, baseball, boxing, wrestling, and football.It is prohibited though to use the steroid for most sports.

The steroid can be found in four common forms; these are; skin patches, injectable steroids, oral pills, and gels/creams. The one that is the easiest to use is oral. When mouth takes it, it is absorbed quickly. Steroids that are injectable are usually administered into muscle. This can be dangerous as it can cause an embolism in the bloodstream.

There are many side effects to taking the drug. Some of these are neuropsychiatric symptoms which are mania, aggression, suicide, violence, and mania, anxiety and mood disorders, hypomania and aggression, cancer, cardiovascular problems such as congestive heart failure, sudden cardiac death, heart attacks, and cardiac arrhythmias, growth defects, feminization, masculinization, kidney problems, and liver problems.

As far as whether the drug is legal, it is banned in all major sports such as baseball, tennis, football, basketball, Olympics, hockey, and wrestling. The law enforcement in the United States has found that using the steroids is a problem. It has been abused by many people. The United States has put a higher control on the drug so that there are higher criminal penalties for those who are distributing the drug illegally.

So as you can see, an anabolic steroid is used for some things, but there are many side effects to using them. It is best before taking them to consult your doctor and go about taking it the right way.