Changing Your Perspective On Steroid Medication Side Effects

The initial trials of anabolic steroids came long after the breakthrough scientific discovery of testosterone. Testosterone is the male human growth hormone that is primarily responsible for a number of body functions. Top among them is the development of male sexual characteristics and triggering the onset of puberty. Aside from that, testosterone plays a pivotal role in cell division, muscle growth, as well the development of bone mass.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that medical science eventually looked into creating an artificial substitute to testosterone. Doctors started prescribing anabolic steroids for people with medical conditions inherent to the body’s inability to release sufficient testosterone to sustain bodily processes, and that’s the story of how anabolic steroids came to be.  However, like all scientific discoveries meant to serve the general good, unethical practices and unregulated use have resulted in the creation of steroids that are harmful to the human body.

A Domino Effect

Testosterone is intrinsically one of the most powerful hormones released by the body. The fact that it is so powerful means that it impacts on a host of body functions. Therefore, any side effects you might experience are almost bound to be widespread. In men, testosterone can bring about the following side effects:

*the development of breasts. Peculiar, right? However so, excess testosterone in the body is automatically converted to estrogen in order to achieve homeostasis or bodily functional balance.
*decreased sperm count
*unusually painful erections
*testicle shrinkage
*eventually, sterility
*weight gain
*mood swings and a general aggressiveness
*acne and facial pimples

Believe it or not but women use steroids as well. In women, side effects normally range from the development a deep voice, baldness, changes in the menstrual cycle, as well as uncharacteristic hairiness. Apart from the aforementioned, long term steroid use can result in liver damage and cardiac failure.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

So when you hear talk about steroid medication side effects you should pause for a minute and ask yourself if you’re using steroids properly. Anabolic steroids -well, the legal ones- should only be administered under the professional guidance of a medical practitioner. It is only by doing this that you can be dead sure that the medication you’re taking is the right kind.

Setting The Bar

The use of steroids in sport is not a secret anymore. When Neil Armstrong was stripped of his Tour de France titles it wasn’t about leveling the playing field by taking a hard stance against performance enhancement drugs. The real issue was that the use of possibly harmful steroids by popular sports personalities sends out the wrong message to potential users who may end up having a twisted perception of steroids.