Celebrities Rumored To Use Steroids For Muscle Growth

Celebrities are judged more harshly than the average person for their ability to stay youthful and fit. These celebrities were rumored to use steroids to obtain their world-famous boys. So who was juicing up? Let’s find out…

Tyler Perry: Unconfirmed

This writer turned actor is not the first person you might think of when you think “jacked,” however, Tyler has been rumored to have used prohormones to both lose weight and put on a little lean muscle mass. It has not been confirmed if the rumors or true.

Dwayne Johnson: Confirmed

In high school, Johnson said that he and a group of his buddies used steroids for muscle growth. He later said that he now sticks to natural supplements, hard work and diet to achieve the results that he wants.

Fifty Cent: Unconfirmed

Though not confirmed in so many words, Fifty was caught up with a doctor who was known for prescribing steroids to celebrities. The doctor was under investigation, and the trial of clients did not stop with Fifty. While we cannot be sure if Fifty was juicing up, one look at his body tells you that he knows what he is doing in the gym… whether or not that has anything to do with steroids.

Dr. Dre: Unconfirmed

Dre looked like he could kick someone’s ass pre-steroids. Post-steroids, if we met him in an alley, we would run the other way. Long story short, steroids or no steroids, Dre is a muscular guy who takes his fitness seriously.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Confirmed

Arnold denied steroids use for years until he was caught with several vials at an airport. This came as no surprise as this stuff was practically everywhere during the 80s and 90s. At his age, Arnold still looks great, and we say… lay off the guy. If we can look like that at 70, we should all be so lucky.

Danny Bonaduce: Unconfirmed

From Partridge Family cutie to real-life bad boy, Danny Bonaduce turned his life around through fitness. He has admitted to having used steroids for muscle growth and is quick to address concerns. He says that if you are respectful of steroids, like any drug, the drug will respect you. We think that is some pretty sound advice.

Celebrities will always be under a microscope no matter what they do. If anything, each guy on this list, juicing or not, have served as fitness inspirations that give us all something to aspire to.