What Do Steroids Do To You

Steroids are known for increasing protein in the cells. It has a similar effect as testosterone does on the body. For this reason, it is quite popular in the athletic and bodybuilding world. However, as with all things in life, you can either use it or abuse it. The use of steroids has its advantages. However, the abuse of steroids could have serious consequences, come of which are irreversible. So it is always good to know what the side effects are before deciding to start taking steroids permanently.

Effects of Steroids – What do Steroids do to You

Steroids improve your overall athletic ability and performance. It does this because it boosts the testosterone levels in your body making you stronger and building your stamina. It also helps you lose weight quicker and more efficiently when training. Steroids build the muscles. It does this by increasing the muscle mass and sending more oxygen to the muscles.

One of the most noticeable differences will naturally be your appearance. People who take steroids while training, end up with bodies that are more ripped and defined. They are also able to train for longer than those who do not take steroids.

However, seeing as how athletics and bodybuilding are such competitive industries, more than 90% of people who train professionally take steroids. It can be a good thing if you do it the right way and of course in moderation, however, steroids can also be harmful to you if it is abused.

Disadvantages of Steroids

Everyone is different, and therefore, the same steroid can have different effects on individuals. For some people, it causes infertility, organ damage, liver failure, hormonal changes and psychological defects. The risk of tearing your tendons is increased, and it is not uncommon to men with enlarged breasts and women with very noticeable facial hair. Steroids can also damage the veins and stunt your growth if you take it at a young age. Many Athletes have been suspended from games due to using steroids, and people who use steroids are at a greater risk of Hepatitis B and C.

Like with many things in life, steroids have both good and bad effects. However, as an adult, you should learn how to use it wisely and appropriately. The key to using steroids successfully is exercising self-control and knowing when to limit or control your usage. A lot of bodybuilders and athletes have used steroids successfully for years if their life.