How Do Steroids Affect The Body?

Anabolic steroids are a highly controversial class of drugs. Many are concerned about their use because of the possible detrimental effects. However, this has not stopped millions of people from continuing to take them on a regular basis. The truth is that their intake can bring about both good and bad consequences just like other drugs. Their incredible potency makes them more dangerous than average, especially if consumed outside of the medically approved scenarios. Abuse is quite common in certain segments of the population. If you have ever wondered what do steroids do to your body, then here are a few of the things you should note:

Muscular Development

This is by far the most sought-after effect. Steroids are known to help users develop muscles quicker than ever before. It is for this reason that abuse is widespread among bodybuilders. People can become more competitive through these drugs. Athletes also seek these out to improve their performance, although steroids have been banned by nearly all sports governing bodies. They are deemed to provide an unfair competitive advantage and those caught cheating face heavy penalties. Casual lifters also use them for the same purpose. In the medical field, doctors may prescribe these to patients dealing with muscle-wasting conditions like AIDS to improve their quality of life.

Hormonal Boost

Since steroids are essentially synthetic testosterone, it should not be surprising that they have a profound effect on the body’s hormone balance. They can be extremely helpful in the case of delay puberty. Doctors may ask their patients to take measured doses to kickstart the process and allow the body to finally mature. This is a boon to young boys who are having trouble because of their physical underdevelopment, particularly if they are playing sports and other demanding activities. On the other hand, this could completely overwhelm the body and throw it out of balance if taken by otherwise healthy individuals with doctor supervision.

Androgenic Effects

How do steroids affect the body when used for a prolonged period? Well, strange developments take place in both genders. Men can expect to acquire secondary sexual characteristics usually found in women and vice versa. For example, men’s chest can get more fat deposits and grow similar to women’s. Their voice can also take on a slightly higher pitch when speaking. Women, on the other hand, can find hair growing thicker and longer in places where they aren’t usually found. Their voice can get deeper along with the appearance of a small lump on their throat like Adam’s apple.

Liver Overload

One of the more worrying effects of steroid in an overloaded liver. This organ acts as the body’s filter, keeping the harmful things out and maintaining balance so that we can function steadily despite changes in the body. Steroid abuse over a long period can damage it and prevent it from doing its job. With a compromised liver, other diseases are likely to follow. The worse would be organ failure as this can lead to death. It is important to consult a doctor before embarking on any program that involves steroids to ensure good health.