Where To Buy Steroids From

Be prepared to be disappointed, if you are planning to use steroids for decreasing your body fat and gain rippling muscles, and want to purchase them from your local pharmacy since they are banned in the US. No doubt, brick, and mortar medical stores do stock and sell steroids but only to those who require this synthetic equivalent of testosterone based on their medical needs and only if the buyer has a valid prescription. However, the laws are not so strict in other countries. You can easily travel to Mexico and purchase your requirements from there, that too without any prescription. However, you have to be extra careful while returning after purchasing the steroid, since you cannot legally bring back the same to the US. If the customs officers catch you `smuggling’ in steroids, you can face penalties and might even land up behind bars.

Where to buy steroids

Your first option is the local gym. You will find people who sell anabolic steroids over there. These people purchase this drug in bulk quantities from online wholesalers and sell them to individuals. However, be prepared to spend time gaining the trust of the other members of the gym. You will not be able to contact the seller unless you have won his faith. For all purposes, you might be a law officer, out to catch that person… remember, selling steroids is illegal in America. Apart from this, you also need to verify the quality of the product he offers. It is best to purchase a small quantity, once you have gained his trust, and test it to confirm if it works, before purchasing in bulk. You also have to ensure that no law enforcement people are in the vicinity while you are making your purchase for reasons obvious.

Safer option

Search online, and you will find many stores that sell this drug without any prescription. However, as with the seller at the gym, you have to be careful in choosing a store that provides genuine stuff. Your best option is to join a forum catering to bodybuilders. You can ask the members of that forum regarding where to buy steroids. They will provide you with details of reputable online shops from where you can buy steroids. These stores deliver the goods via courier and in a plain package, so as not to rouse the suspicions of the law enforcement agencies. The bottom line is that you should do your homework properly before purchasing steroids, either from an individual at the gym or from online stores.