Why Are Steroids Illegal

In the United States, you can be fine $1,000 for possessing anabolic steroids. You also face a year in prison. Trafficking carries fines of over $100,000 and up to five years in prison. That’s only for a first offense, too.

If you didn’t know, anabolic steroids are drugs, and they are synthetic testosterone. Doctors may prescribe steroids, but they are illegal to use if you do not have a prescription.

Anabolic steroids are used for the purpose of building muscle and to replace real testosterone with synthetic testosterone. With that said, why are steroids illegal?

Why Are They Illegal

Steroids are illegal because they pose health risks. Research has proved that steroids are harmful to take. They often cause unwanted side effects for those who abuse them and take them in a way that was not prescribed.

Men who take anabolic steroids may experience impotence and infertility. Testicular shrinkage and breast can occur in men who use roids. Women who take the drugs can grow body and facial hair. Other side effects that can occur in women include a deepened voice, reduced breast size, and menstrual irregularities.

Oily skin, delusions, and baldness are side effects men and women may suffer from while using steroids. Increased risk of liver disease, liver cancer, and heart attack can be caused by steroids.

Since there are many side effects steroids can cause, they are kept illegal. The general public may not be aware of the harm Anabolics can cause, and this is why they are illegal.

Sports And Anabolic Steroids

Numerous athletes take steroids illegal, and they can face a potential felony charge if they are caught. Not only that, but they can ruin their career by getting caught with steroids. Anabolics helps people build muscle fast and help them perform at their peak levels, which is why athletes use them. However, sports enthusiasts believe using steroids is cheating, and most organizations ban steroids from being used. This is another reason why the drugs are illegal.

When Are They Legal

The drugs are legal if a doctor prescribes them. The only way anabolic steroids are prescribed is if a patient needs to stimulate their appetite or if prevention of bone loss is required. Those who undergo gender reassignment procedures may be prescribed steroids.

There may be a few other reasons why steroids will be legally prescribed to a patient. Other than medical purposes, anabolic steroids are illegal to possess or to use.