Steroids Work To Promote Muscle Growth

Testosterone is a hormone that makes a man a man. These hormones are produced by the body during natural processes. Testosterone helps in the development of facial hair, deepening of the voice, the growth of the body and the male genitals and is also responsible for the increase in bone and muscle mass. It is this last property that many people find desirable who then try increasing the levels of testosterone by using synthetic derivatives that are called anabolic steroids.

How do steroids work? These steroids help the muscle cells of a body to produce an increased level of proteins, and this, in turn, helps to increase both muscle size and strength. Once these steroids are ingested, orally or through injections, the drug travels through the bloodstream and reaches the tissue of the muscles. The muscles have an androgen receptor which is like a receiving dock. Once they have reached the muscle cell, the steroid interacts with the DNA of the cell and stimulates it to increase the synthesis of protein. Cell growth is then promoted, leading to increasing in size of the muscle.

The steroid can also block cortisol from forming a bond with the muscle receptors and this helps to reduce muscle breakdown and reduce fatigue. This reduction helps athletes and sportsmen to recover from muscle fatigue. Testosterone also inhibits fat cell creation and this helps bodybuilders to reduce fat and build muscle. Steroids can help a person to have a physique that is muscular and leaner. The proteins that are created can travel throughout the body and cause growth responses.

Steroids also work to cause changes in cholesterol levels, increase in blood pressure, liver damage, acne, and changes to the structure of the heart. They affect male characteristics and can cause many other side effects that can at times become dangerous to health. These drugs work directly on the muscle and stimulate growth hormone. It can work as an effective aid for muscle building. The side effects of steroids have led to their use being banned, and this has led to a limit on research being conducted into their use and effectiveness.

Steroids have also been known to work to promote appetite and prevent the wasting of muscle from chronic diseases. Steroids are often used by doctors to boost the immune system and its ability to resist and fight disease. For them to work effectively the steroids must be administered under strict medical supervision.